KICK USA is proud the follow the Rules and Protocols of USA Sport Karate, dedicated to offering a Professional, Consistent experience in Open Sport Karate Competition.

Martial Arts Tournaments –
Florida: Rules

You May Download The Rules Summaries Below For An Overview Of Some Of The Important Rules Governing KICK/USA Events:

Kick USA Code Of Conduct

Tournament Officials: KICK/USA Officials Are Known For Excellence, Integrity And Professionalism In Judging And In Conduct When Officiating At Martial Arts Competitions. In Order To Maintain The Highest Standards For Excellence, Safety And Ethics, The Following Standard Of Excellence Will Be Strictly Enforced:

  • KICK/USA Officials Must Dress In Their Proper Uniform
  • KICK/USA Officials May Not Coach With Their Referee Shirts On
  • KICK/USA Must Not Fraternize With Their Students In The Ring They Are Judging In.
  • KICK/USA Officials Must Not Enter Any Ring They Are Not Judging In Unless There Is An Injury To Their Students Or They Are Asked By The Chief Referee.
  • KICK/USA Referee Must Observe The 2 Foot “No Coaching Zone” Around Each Competition Area, Whether Marked Or Not.
  • No Negative Coaching Is Allowed At Anytime 
  • No Acts Of Vulgarity, Profanity, Violence Or Extreme Outward Displays Of Anger Will Be Tolerated.


All Competitors Will Also Be Held To The Highest Standard Of Excellence.  There Will Be Zero Tolerance For Unsafe Or Unsportsman-Like Behavior Spectator/Instructor/Coach Or Other Participant.

  • No Negative Coaching Will Be Allowed At Anytime
  • No Person May Step Into A Ring Unless Their Student Or Child Is Injured
    Or Invited By The Chief Referee.
  • No Acts Of Vulgarity, Profanity, Violence Or Extreme Outward Displays Of
    Anger Will Be Tolerated.

Violations May Be Treated With Disqualification From This Or Any Future KICK/USA Event And Or A Request To Leave The Event. Our Primary Goal Is To Provide A Safe, Fair And Motivating Environment In Which A Competitor Can Test Their Skills. It Is Through Our Example Of Excellence That We Can Achieve Our Goal.